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Helping women transform their relationship with money and build their financial confidence.

Financial freedom begins with a positive relationship with money.

That's why I created our Money Mindset Mastery Cohort. This course is a distinctive opportunity for you to engage in a transformative virtual group program. In the cohort, you'll learn how to elevate your relationship with money, build financial confidence, and break through the internal barriers that are holding you back from financial independence, freedom, and success.
Linda Grizely, Money Mindset Mentor
Linda Grizely, Money Mindset Mentor

The Money Mindset Mastery Cohort offers a fresh outlook to the world of coaching. The virtual group mentoring sessions are designed to help you transform your mindset and build a better financial future.

Engaging in a collective setting enables you to connect with individuals who share common goals and backgrounds. Your mentor, Linda, leads the group through a well-organized agenda, fosters discussions, poses impactful questions, and offers feedback and assistance.  

We understand that deep introspection can be overwhelming, but with Linda's guidance and community support from the cohort, you'll gain the confidence to achieve your goals. 

Financial confidence starts with a healthy mindset.

Start, Think Big, Growth Mindset, Recovery and Challenge in Life or Business Concept.Econo

Ready to transform your money mindset and build financial confidence?


Join a Money Mindset Mastery Cohort today.

Kate J. 

"Thanks to Linda, self-doubt goes on the backburner so that you can be in the driver's seat of your life, climbing to new heights."

Liz D.

"I can’t say enough about Linda and her infectious, tenacious spirit. She is genuine and lives what she teaches - giving me the tools to be resilient and stay focused on achieving my goals."

Cari M.

“Linda has been an inspiration to me, empowering me to be a better person, woman, version of myself.”

LaTanya S.

“Linda was a great source of encouragement for me. She encouraged me to trust myself and my instincts and to challenge myself to try (and eventually succeed at) feats outside my comfort zone.”
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